Introducing Our Remarkable Team: Striving for Excellence in Logistics

At SDS Logistics, we are proud of our exceptional team. Experience the difference of working with a team that is committed to excellence, respects each other, and is motivated to provide outstanding service.

Our Team

Andrew Weiss 3

Andrew Weiss


Andrew grew up in Youngstown Ohio as part of the third generation in his family’s business; the entrepreneurial spirit was part of his DNA. After graduating from The Ohio State University Business School, Andrew spent time skiing and working in Colorado, traveling the world, and eventually moving to Chicago where he gained experience while working for a large corporation. Seven years later he had an opportunity to start a new business with some of his Youngstown friends and SDS Logistics Services was born. Andrew is inspired daily by his growing team at SDS, their close client relationships and, most of all, by sharing his life with his wife Lisa, their 3 children and 2 dogs.

Tom Shapiro 3

Tom Shapiro


Tom received his undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and ​continued on to get his master​s degree in education​; teaching middle school​ in Chicago for 7 years. He left his career in teaching ​to move back to his hometown, Youngstown Ohio, and ​​co-founded SDS Logistics in 2002.  Tom is passionate about his passions which include his business, high school basketball, and most importantly his family​; his wife Stephanie, their three sons and their dog.  When not working you will likely find Tom coaching basketball or at a basketball game.

Frank Venzeio 2

Frank Venzeio


Frank graduated from Youngstown State University and started off his career in the Criminal Justice field as a probation officer before finding his passion in Logistics. Frank has been a partner at SDS for 18 years and is an adept negotiator who is always striving to get the best possible deal for his clients. Frank admires each and every employee at SDS for their hard work and dedication to their individual accounts; recognizing they go above and beyond to exceed customer expectation on a daily basis. Frank loves spending time with his family and friends, and taking long evening walks with his wife and two dogs. His hobbies include bocce, golf, and fantasy football which he’s been involved at some level for a big part of his life. As Frank likes to say, "Life is good; Enjoy the haul!”

Adrienne Rubin 3

Adrienne Rubin

Adrienne was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio where she still resides with her husband and kids.  She began her career as a teacher before moving on into the world of logistics.  She enjoys shopping, decorating, being home with her 2 dogs and cat, and spending time with family and friends.  She especially loves Sunday dinners with parents, siblings and lots of nieces and nephews!  Adrienne was raised to work hard and to always do her best.  She is a team player and gives 100% to every task at hand.

Angela Ward 1

Angela Ward

Angela enjoys spending time with her family. Being outdoors, camping, and ATV riding are her favorite weekend activities. Her favorite place to go is somewhere she has never been before. She loves summer weather, but her favorite season is fall with the many fun fall activities that Northeast Ohio has to offer. She enjoys volunteering for all her kid’s sports and extracurriculars, and runs her church’s monthly food giveaway for the community.

Ashley Sperling

Ashley Sperling

Ashley met her husband while they both attended competing Universities. She graduated from The University of North Carolina and her husband from Duke; So as you can imagine, basketball game days can be stressful in their home.  Ashley enjoys spending time with her family; including her husband, 3 sons and her 13 year old golden retriever.  She loves caring for animals and has volunteered at animal shelters when she has time.  Ashley is also known to binge watch more than a few TV series and loves being outdoors and taking walks.  One thing everyone who works with Ashley knows, she really enjoys being part of the SDS team and getting to work with our amazing customers and vendors.

Blaine Kunkel 1

Blaine Kunkel

Blaine has been with SDS Logistics since her college internship in 2016; graduating as a business major from Youngstown State University. She enjoys life with her husband, daughter and dog Murphy. Blaine loves to be active and to spend any time outdoors. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, and spending time with her friends and family.

Christian Rusinowski 2

Christian Rusinowski

Christian enjoys golfing, playing pool, and watching sports with his friends and family, and is a lifelong Cleveland sports fan. He loves traveling to different places with his wife when they are not at home playing with their two dogs.  Christian is dedicated to making the logistics process as seamless and easy as possible. Clients, vendors and co-workers all enjoy working with Christian.


Daniel Chacon

Daniel is from Bogota, Colombia and his family and friends are what he values the most. He also likes to spend time on his hobbies; playing Nintendo video games and watching episodes of 'Friends' which he says is his favorite TV show and he can't get enough of it!  Daniel really enjoys working in such a cool environment at SDS. He especially enjoys being part of his team, taking care of clients and vendors together and knowing that they can count on each other.

Devon Noble Martin 1

Devon Noble Martin

Devon enjoys life with his long haired cat Julian. He enjoys gaming online with his friends across the country and is an avid and sometimes competitive tennis player; recently his doubles team won the State Championship! Devon brings his competitive nature to his job where he is winning for his clients everyday.


Diandra Menco

Diandra  is a vibrant individual whose life is a testament to the joy of embracing challenges and spreading good energy wherever she goes. Born with an innate sense of curiosity, she has always been an outgoing soul, eager to explore new horizons and meet people from all walks of life. Her unwavering commitment to her work and her impeccable sense of responsibility have consistently propelled her to new heights in her career. One of her greatest passions is horseback riding. The feeling of freedom as she gallops through fields and explores nature  is a source of immense joy. It's a hobby that perfectly aligns with her adventurous spirit.

Emily Peterson 1

Emily Peterson

Emily was born and raised in Ohio. She is a widowed mother of 2 and several fur babies.  She believes that the key to a happy life is to always start with a positive attitude and a good cup of coffee. She loves spending time with her family, going for nature walks, reading a good mystery/thriller book and binge watching TV series. After working in the medical field for 18 years, she decided to try something new and is extremely happy she did. She loves working for SDS Logistics, the compassion they have for customers, carriers and their employees.


Enrique Valbuena

Coming From Venezuela, Enrique developed an early passion for the English language, an interest that would ultimately open doors to a career in the backend of the logistics industry. His journey led him to Colombia, where he ventured into the world of trucking, armed with a commitment to give his utmost in every endeavor. Not so long thereafter, SDS gave him the opportunity to prove his potential, where he has not let them down.

Mary Bizub 2

Mary Bizub

Mary has been with SDS Logistics since 2013.  She was born and raised in the Youngstown Ohio area where her connection to SDS Logistics began years before joining the team. Mary enjoys her current hobby, remodeling their family's 1910 farmhouse where she lives with her husband and two daughters.


Natalia Ortiz

Natalia is an intelligent woman who combines a deep commitment to her work with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Her early years were marked by curiosity and a love for learning. In her career, she's known for her unwavering dedication and quiet determination, earning respect from colleagues and superiors alike. Natalia's true passion lies in entrepreneurship, where her talent for innovation shines. Beyond her professional life, she finds happiness in her family of four, including her boyfriend, loyal dog, and cherished guinea pig. In her leisure time, she escapes into the world of mystery podcasts. Natalia is a multi-faceted individual, exemplifying the balance between career success, family devotion, and personal interests. 

Ryan Clauson 2

Ryan Clauson

Ryan is married to his lovely wife who he met while both were working at Disney. He is the proud father of their two little girls. Ryan loves making them laugh while also teaching them the values of honesty and respect. On the weekends Ryan entertains as DJ Pickle; the highest rated wedding DJ in NE Ohio. When it comes to Logistics, his primary goal is to communicate the customer's needs to all parties with the utmost clarity and attention to detail. Ryan's got your back!

Will Fries 1

Will Files

Will enjoys all of the fun physical activities that he partakes in with his loving Bernie-Doodle, Beanie.  Will is very active and loves to play golf as well as exercise whenever he can. He graduated from Youngstown State with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration earlier this year, and is a Project Specialist at SDS Logistics.

Striving for Excellence

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    Investing in Our Employees

    We are committed to nurturing talent, fostering professional growth, and providing opportunities for our team members to develop their skills and expertise. Through ongoing training, we ensure that our team remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

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    Respect and Motivation

    Respect is the foundation of our team culture. We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where every team member is valued, respected, and encouraged to contribute their unique skills and perspectives.

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    The Promise of Quality

    Our team's expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart, ensuring that every logistics project we undertake is handled with the highest level of quality.

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