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We are dedicated to building strong and mutually beneficial partnerships. When you partner with SDS Logistics, you join a team that values open communication, trust, and shared success. We treat our vendors and carriers with respect, recognizing the vital role you play in our operations.

We are committed to keeping you moving, offering efficient logistics solutions, and providing timely payments for the outstanding services you deliver.

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All payments are Direct Deposit so you will never hear “The check is in the mail". We believe that you deserve to be paid promptly for a job well done. Our payment terms are some of the best in the industry, reflecting our commitment to fairness and transparency. We understand that waiting for payment can be challenging, so we strive to streamline and expedite the payment process even further.

Accelerated Payment Option

Discover how you can optimize and accelerate your payments with SDS Logistics. Ask us about our Quick Payment option, designed to provide you with faster access to your earnings. We believe in simplicity and straightforwardness, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve without unnecessary delays or complications.

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Assure Assist’s MyCarrierPackets is a unique Online Carrier Packet service specific to the Transportation industry. Once signed up, users direct all of their carriers via an email invitation to electronically complete their customized online carrier packet.

MyCarrierPackets decreases internal cost, improves efficiency, and lowers the exposure of fraud. MyCarrierPackets expedites set up time for carriers and allows them to load with shippers and/or freight broker even when insurance companies are closed.

In order to set you up as a carrier in our system, you must register via the link below.

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